5 Ways to Efficiently Track Recruitment Candidates


When working within a recruitment agency, you need to have a firm grasp of your candidates, their preferred jobs, their salary requirements and qualifications to name a few, but when you are handling so many candidates, this can be difficult to manage. The last thing you want is the ideal candidate to be bypassed by mistake. But how do you efficiently track your candidates to ensure they are put forward for the right positions? This tracking can be even more important when handling temps so you know when candidates are available and where they are based. Read on for 5 amazing solutions to candidate tracking in recruitment.

  • Preferred and non-preferred status for your employees and customers – getting the right people to the right placements.
  • Define candidates by specific job requirements, qualifications and other relevant info – save time searching through candidates notes.
  • AWR (Agency Worker Regulation) pay and charge rates automatically applied for agencies with temporary workers – save time working out different rates.
  • Full noting system – track every placement from start to finish.
  • RMS is an online solution that can be accessed anywhere in the world from your PC, MAC or laptop – allowing you access your database of candidates on the go when meeting clients.

Our software was born out of necessity for a large recruitment company and already manages millions of pounds of resources meaning it’s tried and tested, purpose-built software that is proven to increase efficiency and sustainably grow profit.

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