5 Ways to Make the Workplace a Happy Place

a happy workplace

A happy workplace is a productive workplace. Ever worked with a miserable co-worker who was ahead of their work schedule, consistently overachieving and taking the business to the next level? No, didn’t think so. Happy employees not only stimulate a healthy workplace culture by being more productive and less stressed but can become advocates of the company that will in turn grow the business. Investing in your employee’s wellbeing has never been more important. Read on for our 5 Ways to make the workplace a happy place.

“You don’t build a business. Your build people and then people build the business.”
Invest in your employees through their training, their overall wellbeing and recognition for a job well done. This is a proven motivator which is said to be more effective than pay. Understand what drives happiness in your employees; whether that is working from home, free coffee in the office or acquiring new skills, these are all important aspects of work life balance to consider to drive up workplace happiness and motivation.

Don’t be so serious.
Prioritize fun – this can be more difficult than it sounds. A serious and formal workplace attitude has no proven benefits and can even be harmful to employee wellbeing as this environment encourages stress and little communication. A smiley workplace, recognising and appreciating fun situations that crop up in the day can all encourage high spirits which results in a more relaxed and calm atmosphere that encourages connections and good mental health. The odd afternoon break to enjoy a fun activity as well as regular jolly days can do wonders for team morale too!

Reduce time spent on repetitive, time consuming tasks.
By streamlining mundane processes such as running payroll, running reports and invoicing, this will not only maximise business efficiency but will encourage increased productivity in other, more exciting and motivating areas of the business such as company growth and new ideas. By doing this, not only will your business prosper but your employees will feel more valued. If you would like to find out more about how to streamline your in-house operations, discover our software solution here.

Encourage thought leadership.
Imagine a workplace where employees were too scared to voice their ideas for fear of being shot down or simply not listened too. This scenario results in low job satisfaction and a generally unhappy workforce. By encouraging thought leadership and entrepreneurial thinking, workers will feel more passionate, motivated and resourceful as they will feel a sense of ownership and dedication to the business, product or service.

Get active.
Employees who are active in their morning routines, lunch breaks and evenings have shown to be more engaged and energetic in the workplace opposed to those who are glued to their desks. Encourage physical activity to not only improve general health but to improve happiness. Consider company gym memberships, set up a morning Yoga practice or even invite your employees to bring in their dogs so everyone can take small breaks to walk and play!