How to Run an Efficient Business

5 Ways to Run an Efficient Business Model

How to Run an Efficient Business

Efficiency in business is crucial to ensure maximum productivity is being achieved to realise maximum potential and of course, profit. Read on below for our 5 tips on how to run an efficient business.

  1. Clarity
    Openness and clarity in business is extremely important for employees and teams. When staff are focused on the bigger picture, this gives people the clarity and motivation to do their best to reach the goal to further business growth. Withholding goals and dreams from the team will only hold everyone back.
  2. Streamline & Automate Inefficient Processes
    How much time do you or your team spend looking for files, gathering information & statistics for reports, struggling with effective team collaboration, or managing assets? With just one piece of software, streamlining inefficient processes such as these is now super simple. Having experienced the above problems and more in our own businesses, the team at RMS have developed a software program that can be completely tailored to any company to solve many aspects of inefficiency which has helped one of our own businesses grow by a staggering 50% each six month. Read more about this case study here.
  3. The Fear of Missing Out
    Checking every email that comes in, when it comes in, will bring non-stop interruptions to your day as well as significantly decrease productivity, and this goes for everyone. Even if you’re checking your email more than twice a day, this is too much. Set two points throughout the day to check your inbox and make sure everyone knows this so they are not waiting on a quick response. If it’s important, they will call you. Another point to note is to never look at your company’s social accounts without a reason. It’s all too easy to get sucked into the world of social without a purpose and before you know it, 20 minutes or more have passed.
  4. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
    By using an intelligent CRM, (see point 2) you will be able to see who your most loyal customers are. Once you have this information, focus on selling more to these customers, if possible, as this is a much more cost effective solution compared to new customer acquisition. Also distinguish your most problematic customers, the ones who never pay on time, don’t respond to emails and who you generally spend the most time chasing. Give them another chance to pay on time, or simply get rid of them. Although you are cutting a revenue source, you will save time, hassle and energy which could be put to use finding more reliable customers.
  5. Empower Your Staff
    Are you or your managers involved in every move or decision that is made in the company? Is this necessary? By empowering your staff to make more decisions, you show that you trust them which is a huge motivator but it will help your employees thrive in their role and really make it their own. This will also free up your time to make more strategic decisions to propel business growth.

Equipping your team with the best equipment and software they need to complete their job to the best of their abilities will also increase business efficiency as well as employee satisfaction. Talk to RMS today about how your business can become more efficient and achieve growth never before thought possible.

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