5 Ways to Boost Team Morale

Ways to boost team morale

Have you noticed a lack of enthusiasm and energy from your team recently? Are they overly stressed, lacklustre and generally dragging in their regular work routines? If you’re hearing more sighs then laughter then your team morale needs an urgent boost. Instead of waiting for gripes and concerns to build up to boiling point, take a proactive approach and transform your office environment into a hub of productivity with these 5 ways to boost team morale, because a round of coffees and morning doughnuts just wont cut it.

Communication & Trust
By keeping your employees and team in the loop with company plans and goals, individuals will feel part of the bigger picture and know that what they are doing within the company forms a fundamental part of it. Getting caught up in daily routines often means this feeling of being part of the bigger picture can be lost, so a regular refocus of perspective can go a long way. Sharing positive feedback will also go a long way to how the company and everyone’s role within it is benefitting the end user.

Step out of the daily grind
Busy days that turn into busy weeks, months then years can get extremely tiresome so mix things up on a monthly if not weekly basis to engage in fun activities people might not otherwise have the opportunity to do. From the company taking an afternoon every month to volunteer in a community project to, sports activities, in-house competitions, the options are endless!

Work life balance
Connecting with employee’s personal life and appreciating outside commitments make individuals feel more valued as a whole person, not just for what they contribute at work. If possible, switch up schedules, explore working from home options, and be more flexible. You will be surprised at how flexibility in the workplace improves productivity.

Another suggestion we love is getting everyone to fill out an ‘employee favourites’ questionnaire to use in the future, e.g. favourite chocolate, flower, restaurant, so you can use this in the future. For example, if someone has been working late all week, buy them their favourite flowers to show meaningful gratification.  And don’t stop there; show the company cares about everyone by celebrating birthdays with cake and a card.

Listen & Value
Take the time to listen to your employees and share ideas. Keep them informed of important developments and ask for opinions, ideas and further improvements – however you must also make sure they are listened to, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. Reward employees for a good job well done – sales people get commission for a closing a sale so why not reward other employees when they reach goals or make positive changes in the company. However if tensions are already high, confront frustrations head on – listen, understand and seek a solution together.

Comfort & Efficiency 
Making sure your team are comfortable in their working environment is also important in boosting and keeping morale high. From supplying good coffee, to having the best ergonomic chairs and the technology they need to do their job to their best ability, these little things all go a long way in keeping employee morale high. Finally, inefficiency and monotony are two key factors that drive down job satisfaction so investing in streamlining the business will not only up productivity but morale too. For a complete solution to streamlining business processes from wages and invoicing to asset management, discover our range of software products which can be tailored to your company, here.

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