6 Reasons Why You Need Cloud Business Management Software


If you’re thinking about upgrading your internal systems or business software, let us introduce you to the world of cloud based solutions. There are many benefits to cloud software and here we’ll showcase the most beneficial for your business.

1. Anywhere Anytime Access

The beauty of cloud based software is that with an internet connection, you can access the software from anywhere in the world and from any device, with no need for heavy downloads.

2. Collaboration & Synchronisation

Your whole team will be able to access, add, edit and share documents/files/scheduling information easier than ever before, from anywhere in the world. With updates in real time, there’s no need to keep sending files back in forth which can often lead to a culmination of documents with content loss or conflict. Using cloud based documents will ensure this never happens again.

3. Low Maintenance

With cloud based software, there are no in-house servers or hardware to manage or maintain which reduces costs in more ways than one. Software updates are also rolled out automatically to minimise downtime. Cloud servers will also fluctuate in capacity to accommodate your needs so will only use the energy it needs opposed to standard servers that are set in capacity.

4. Recovery

Cloud based back-up and recovery is much more affordable than in-house hardware which is a major benefit, especially for small and growing businesses looking to streamline costs as well being more secure.

5. Security

Should an employee lose a laptop, no data would be lost and everything remains on the cloud.

6. Flexibility

This point is especially beneficial for growing businesses; should you need more storage, the cloud can be scaled up and down to meet a business’s specific needs in just a few simple steps. In-house servers however would require costly upgrades and would most likely incur downtime to do so.

Its clear to see why cloud based software is the way forward for businesses to manage every aspect of their business. This is why RMS are proud to provide our range of software solutions on the cloud so our customers can manage their assets, people, PAYE, invoicing and more all with just one piece of cloud based software. Get introduced to our business management software in our 2 minute video here.

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