An explanation of Territories and their application in Asset Placer.

About Territories and Territory Management

Territories are a high-level division within your company and use of Asset Placer. A Territory may be seen as a separate company or trading division within your business where (normally speaking) Resources would either simply not be used or perhaps cross charged when they are. An example of this could be DSG International plc (formerly Dixons Group) which owns Dixons, PC World and Curry’s which all have completely separate physical premises, administration staff and accounting functions. Or perhaps your company has regional offices which your run as completely separate business entities or have separate sales targets and turnover / profit contribution, business management reporting and accounting functions.

The Territory Management features within Asset Placer allows you to separate your Users, Locations and Resource for the day-to-day running of your business while at the same time Asset Placer will understand that they are all part of one overall Company and provide that higher level of Management Reporting.