To create a new Placement record, click the Asset Management | Diary View | New Placement button.

Asset Placer | Asset Management | Diary View | New Placement

To create a new Placement record, click the Asset Management | Diary View | New Placement button.

Asset Placer icon, New

The following New Placement window will open to allow you to enter the relevant details. Note that options indicated with an asterisk are mandatory.

Asset Placer | Asset Management | Diary View | New Placement

Firstly you should select the Placement Type – this could be a Day Shift, Night Shift or other Task terminology specific to your business. When you select the Placement Type, you will notice that the From & To Times change to reflect the typical Hours that this Placement Type takes place over.

If the automatic setting does not show the information you require, then the next step is to update the Start Date and Time. This is done by clicking on the Start Date box, selecting the date from the calendar, then the start time will appear, then the start minute. The smallest increment of time is 5 minutes. Repeat this for the To Date and Time.

Next, enter the number of Hours that the Resource would have in Breaks during the Placement.

Please note that the value entered into the Breaks text box should cover all non-working and non-chargeable time that the Resource will have during the Placement. Note that Breaks should be entered in whole (or fractions of) an hour – a value of 1.25 represents 1 hour and 15 minutes, for example. As you modify the Breaks value, you will notice that the Total Hours changes – this represents the amount of chargeable time for the Placement and so what the Location would be Invoiced and the Resource Paid.

Please further note that if the selected Placement Type has a Placement Pay Type of ‘By Placement’ (i.e. a fixed price for fulfilling a Placement, regardless of the time taken) then there is no need to add time for Breaks.

If the Placement request constitutes a Late Callout fee, then set the Late Callout option to ‘Yes’.

If all (or part of) the Placement falls on a Bank Holiday, then set the Bank Holiday option to ‘Yes’. This will then enable the Bank Holiday Hours First and Bank Holiday Hours options which allow you to set how many of the Placement Total Hours fall on the Bank Holiday. Typically for Placement Types fulfilled during the day, all of the Placement Total Hours are Bank Holiday Hours – it is only Placements that span midnight or are completed over several days where the Bank Holiday Hours are not the same as the Total Hours.

Next, select the Location, the name or initials of the person at the Location that requested the Placement, when they requested the Placement, the reference (or Purchase Order) number that they provided and any Notes specific to the Placement. Notes would typically be entered if there are specific instructions that the person at the Location has requested, such as Resource Gender or skills / training which the Resource must have and assuming that your Resource is a person, or if your Resource is an item then it could be specific characteristics or features required.

Next, select the Resource Type and Gender (Any, Male or Female); selecting the Resource is optional as the User may wish to check Resource Diaries or Resource Skills to ensure that they will be able to fulfil the Placement. Leaving the Resource blank at this stage feeds into the Asset Placement Status’ traffic light system; more details here –

The Archive option is available and archiving (hiding) records is covered in more detail in the Asset Placer | Asset Management | Diary View | Archive Placement Article here.

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Finally, once you have double-checked the details are correct, click the Submit button to save the Placement to the database.

Asset Placer icon, Submit

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