Read about the experiences of other businesses (possibly with similar profiles to yours?) that have achieved sustained success and growth by implementing our solutions.

A brief case study from a Care and Nursing Agency. More coming soon!

Why did you choose the software?
We had an urgent need to grow with contracts being offered from all angles but we really needed a system to support that growth

Has the system enabled you to achieve that?
Yes definitely. We use the software to run our entire company now. In fact we are seeing a 50% growth every six months due to being able to manage the company much more effectively.

How have you found the support?
Great. To be honest, we haven’t really needed the support too much as once we had provided them with the information, RMS set the system up, gave us two invaluable days of training and the software simply does what it says on the tin. The team simply carried on getting on with their day-to-day tasks but more effectively. I feel absolutely confident we’ve made the right choice

What would you say to someone considering using the software?
RMS really is a professional company. Everyone really listened to our needs and exceeded our expectations. We could not live without the system now and it has saved us countless hours of work.

Director – Private Care and Nursing agency, South of England