Search a variety ‘how do I’ queries to help you learn about Resource Management Systems’ software solutions.


  • Is it really customisable to my company?

    Yes, absolutely – our aim is to provide you with a system that you will find familiar, intuitive and easy to use. The solution we deliver for you will be tailored to your companies needs; please see the customisation page for more details.

    Many of our clients use it to manage all aspects of their business. From field staff, office staff, vehicles, training, tests… the list goes on! Our solution is completely customisable to your specific business needs!

  • How much do your solutions cost?

    We price our software per user of the software (unlike other companies who charge you by the resources you are managing!). With us, as your company grows, your costs only change when you add new in-house users. We don’t tie you in to long term contracts either: we feel what we have is so valuable you will want to use it for the lifespan of your business.

    Furthermore, we don’t have a data usage charge. What this means is, if your data takes up more space on the server, you won’t be paying more in corellation to the amount of server space your data is using up. Regardless of your amount of data, your cost will always remain the same.

  • How soon can you set up my company?

    Once we have provided you with a demonstration of the software to ensure that it will work for your business, we can get you up-and-running very quickly. Providing you have given us all the content we require and diaries permitting, this is usually within a week or two. We will not rush setting you up to make sales though – we will first spend the time required to understand your business requirements completely, ensure that your new software set up properly and follows a flow that works for you.

    Providing software solutions and ensuring that you and your team are using the software effectively is about getting it right first time. We rely on a good reputation the same as any credible company. Dedication to detail is key to success for all of us.

  • Can I use the system in a different country?

    Yes. This is a web based application – you simply log in through our portal anywhere in the world and work live along with your office based staff. If you have offices or locations around the world, then you can all work on one live system. This includes being able to run live reporting without having to request information.

  • How many users can I have? And how do you charge?

    You can have ‘unlimited’ users registered; we only charge you for the number of concurrent users, i.e the number logged in at any one time.

    We have noted that some other companies offering similar solutions will charge you by the number of people or resources you are managing. We don’t feel that this is the right way to do things; we charge you by the number of users using the system only (i.e. your office-based staff). If your company grows and takes on more managed resource, then why should you pay more?

  • What do I get for the monthly fees?

    Set up Fee

    Full system set up, import of data, custom invoice set up, a ready to use system


    2 full days (16 hours) system training, that can be split into individual parts


    3 months free phone support. After 3 months, a fair usage policy will be put in place for support.

    Monthly fee

    Priced per user not the amount of people, items, data, or assets you are managing, we will not charge you more because you are making more money, you only pay us more when you add further users of the system.

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