Asset Placer

The Asset Management Software that gives you full control of your business processes. Streamline and have live data at your finger tips to make calculated business decisions. One office to a global brand, manage everything in one place. The only scheduling tool you will ever need!

Why use Asset Placer?

Asset Placer manages your business from start to finish. Schedule, invoice, employee pay, and profitability reports all in one place. Staff can log in from mobile and tablet to self manage. Give your business full control today.

Keep track of every aspect of your business world. Support your team with improved efficiency, while creating greater profit. Asset Placer’s design gives it the edge with the simple to use interface that is built to suit your business needs. Managing your workforce, building your team and growing your business all starts with Asset placer. Get in touch today to see this powerful tool and how it will revolutionise your business.

Functional Features & Benefits
  • Highly effective filtering system - find the information you need in seconds
  • Track placement history - Helping support a professional business
  • Invoicing and pay reports - Save time with our complete system
  • Instant reports - LIVE data on business performance
  • A licensing model that allows you unlimited Resources – charged by the User and not the Resources or cloud storage space you manage
  • Developed specifically to suit your business needs - integration with external software packages


  • From day one, my staff and I have all found Asset Placer incredibly easy to pick up and use.
    We all love it here!

    Office Manager
    Bookeeping Staff Agency

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