People Placer

People Placer: The volunteer management tool for all of your volunteer scheduling needs. Streamline your processes and grow your service. People Placer is where the magic happens! Scheduling, volunteer control of placements they accept, and a fully integrated internal messaging and e mail system all in one place.

Why use People Placer?

Designed by a recruitment team with over 40 years experience. People placer will save time helping you place more volunteers with greater accuracy and in turn generating more accurate tracking of volunteer placements.

Designed by recruitment entrepreneurs for people who want to be a cut above the average 70% of UK volunteer services. People Placer helps you build your team, manage your volunteers and services: giving you the edge. Customised to your specific service requirements. Simple to use interface with time-saving tools to streamline your processes.

Functional Features & Benefits
  • Volunteer availability and scheduling at the touch of a button
  • Highly effective filtering system - find the information you need in seconds
  • Monitoring and reporting system of volunteer activity
  • Volunteer self assigning to placements
  • Internal messaging and E mail functions
  • Instant reports - LIVE data on service performance
  • A licensing model that allows you unlimited volunteers – charged by the User and not the volunteers or cloud storage space you manage
  • Custom development available to suit your service needs – integration with external software packages


  • I work in local government and we are taking people placer to manage our entire council's volunteer service of 600 users. The system is great and the team are fantastic.

    Operations Manager
    Local Government Council

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