Customised for you

As part of the package we will customise our software to meet your needs. Each field, header, view… in fact every element can be customised to reflect the way you work. We can also build bespoke reports that can be included in your system from the beginning or added in later, offering flexibility as your business grows and changes.

Features Available and Services Provided
  • Highly customisable software to meet the needs of your company
  • Change headers, report names, report types, and job titles
  • Control what you see in each area and in what order
  • Custom reports built to show exactly what you want and how you want it laid out
  • Different access levels for standard users, management and directors

The system is fully customisable so you can have it looking the way you want and show only relevant information to users at your discretion. You can label every aspect of the system according to your needs and have unlimited types of resources, employees, stock, machinery, or anything else, all in a secure online environment you can share with colleagues.

The customisation is managed through an online CMS (Content Management System) which is again secure and specific to your business and setup.

While we think that we have thought of many of the features that your business will benefit from with our system, we do not think that we know it all! We have a long development roadmap to build even more features into the software, but we want to hear from you too. Are there features that you would like to see added? Are there features that you think could be improved? Whether you are a long-term existing user or prospective new user browsing the site, let us know your thoughts and send any feature requests to one of the team.

Where prudent we will include new features in a future release so that all users can benefit. Where the requirement is very specific to your business we can build a bespoke module or report just for you.

Key Benefits
  • Extensive customisation options available out of the box
  • Development roadmap and new feature requests welcomed
  • Bespoke features and reporting available

Training, Support and Custom Reporting

RMS offers a highly customisable software package and support service that is individual to each customer's needs, so what you read on our website is just the beginning. Although we offer the software as a package, this includes the customisation to your individual business requirements. We may have 1,000 customers using the software, but no two customers' set of log in credentials will be the same. The use of the software will be as unique as your business.

We are also able to offer custom reports on an individual basis. If your company requires specific reports, much like the customer in our case study (please see link), then just ask as we would be happy to incorporate these for you.