Reports tailored to your specific requirements

The reporting function is one of the most valuable sections of the software for managers, directors and senior decision makers. There are many reports already included in the software and we can also build bespoke reports for you.

Features Available and Services Provided
  • Many standard reports included
  • Custom reporting available
  • Live reporting at director, manager and user levels
  • Output your report to, CSV or Excel
  • Graphical and text-based reports
  • 24/7/365 access to your business critical information

The standard suite of reports includes details and summary information such as how many hours of work have been completed during a particular time period, total costs and revenues from those placements and (of course) profitability. You can report on individual employee or customer profitability, by employee type, by task type, by region, your company as a whole… the list goes on.

You can also estimate whether a new contract is likely to be profitable before you commit, and by estimating potential overheads project gross and net profit before tendering for a piece of work.

In day-to-day operations you can check the status of every employee instantly and see their current placements, holiday leave records, sickness records, and more. All of this saves time, increases productivity, and saves your business money.

Our reporting module offers useful business intellegence and puts the most up-to-date information about your business’s performance at your finger tips.

Key Benefits
  • Get insight into where your business is performing well
  • Powerful information for making key business critical decisions
  • 24/7/365 access to your reports, worldwide from any PC, MAC,laptop, or tablet

Training, Support and Custom Reporting

RMS offers a highly customisable software package and support service that is individual to each customer's needs, so what you read on our website is just the beginning. Although we offer the software as a package, this includes the customisation to your individual business requirements. We may have 1,000 customers using the software, but no two customers' set of log in credentials will be the same. The use of the software will be as unique as your business.

We are also able to offer custom reports on an individual basis. If your company requires specific reports, much like the customer in our case study (please see link), then just ask as we would be happy to incorporate these for you.