How we will help you grow

As part of the package we will customise our software to meet your needs. Each field, header, view… in fact every element can be customised to reflect the way you work. We can also build bespoke .CSV reports that can be included in your system from the beginning or added in later, offering flexibility as your business grows and changes.

Features Available and Services Provided
  • Custom set up for your specific requirements
  • Customised look and feel to your branding
  • Your own unique login, secure site and database
  • Full support before, during and after setup
  • Regular updates and development
  • Many unique features to support your needs

We like to work closely with our customers to provide a solution-focused service. Above all, we aim to secure loyal customers by delivering effective solutions which answer your requirements, always striving to exceed your expectations of professionalism and quality.

Our application consultants and support team aren’t just trained in the features of the software, they are also trained to understand why a business would use our software. With strong backgrounds in both business and our software, the team don’t just deliver you a vanilla package, they deliver you a thought through solution and business process to work alongside your current processes and support your requirements.

Key Benefits
  • A system customised to your ways-of-working
  • Your own secure working environment backed up daily
  • Working with a friendly, experienced team that will understand you, from your point-of-view.

Training, Support and Custom Reporting

RMS offers a highly customisable software package and support service that is individual to each customer's needs, so what you read on our website is just the beginning. Although we offer the software as a package, this includes the customisation to your individual business requirements. We may have 1,000 customers using the software, but no two customers' set of log in credentials will be the same. The use of the software will be as unique as your business.

We are also able to offer custom .CSV reports on an individual basis. If your company requires specific reports, much like the customer in our case study (please see link), then just ask as we would be happy to incorporate these for you.